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Hello, We Are Dua Hati Design

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Dua Hati is two hearts in Indonesian.

It represents the hearts of the bride & groom, it also represent our hearts that joined together to design events & wedding in Bali.


Idelia, an Indonesian culinary instructor & calligrapher, who had been living in Tokyo for 20 years, works with Mina, a certified AAWCP international wedding designer who overseen numerous destination weddings for more than 10+ years.


Including local tradition and cultural elements to your special day is one of our passion and specialty.

From timing it right to finding the perfect spot, we look forward to work together to design and create a customized, elegant & luxurious wedding & event for you in Bali! 



It started when we wanted to have our 25th wedding anniversary celebration and nice family photo shoot. The moment I met her, I decided to work with the team on the initial meeting as I can sense her great work ethics and warm personality. Everyone involved was top notch in their field. Tks so much for creating this wonderful memories for our family!



-Mrs. M (Pharmacy Management)-


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